Massage does not need to be painful to produce the proper results and relieve the tension. Very gentle, deep work combined with breathing and body awareness is very effective at releasing muscle tension.

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    Theraputic Massage

    Therapeutic/Swedish Massage is a wonderfully relaxing massage and if it’s your first time – or you don’t get massage very often – then this is the perfect massage for you!

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    Pre and Post Event Massage

    A massage before an event can help to warm up the muscles and stimulate the muscles ready for action. A massage post event can help aid the recovery of the muscles.

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    Sports and Remedial Massage

    Sports and Remedial massage is not just for athletes! Many people can benefit from a sports and remedial massage to recover from injuries that occur in everyday life.Using traditional massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and myofascial release along with exercises and general advice you can recover from injury or indeed stay injury free!

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£30 - £45

Per 30 or 60 min session