We believe one of the best investments you can make is ensuring your bike is optimally fitted to your body. It can help reduce fatigue and injury. You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your machine so you might as well get the most out of it!

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    Bike Position Analysis - 2h - £185

    Determine your optimal cycling position with an in depth session which includes an interview, physical evaluation and cycling position analysis with Retul 3D motion analysis and Dartfish video motion capture software.

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    Pro Bike Position Analysis (Includes PIPS) - £260 - 3h

    Treat yourself like a professional by combining a full Performance and Injury Prevention Screening and Bike Position Analysis to gain the most detailed understanding of your physical conditioning and how your body interacts with your bike. The information gathered and measurements taken will be taken into account to provide you with an individual plan to improve alongside a full report of your optimal bike measurements. For info on PIPS check out the physio services page.

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    2nd Bike Position Analysis - £95 - 1h

    Determine your optimal position on a bike for a 2nd discipline either in addition to your Bike Position Analysis or Pro Bike Position Analysis or as a separate stand alone session at a later date after your initial bike fit.

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    Bike sizing - £40 for 2 bikes

    Ever wondered why all you bikes feel slightly different? With our sizing jig we can tell you why and get all your bike dial down to the millimetre. Additional bikes beyond the first 2 @ £10 per bike.

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Introductory Offer! Pro Bike Position Analysis (Includes PIPS)- £180 3h

For current META coaching clients and new sign ups if booked before 30th November.